B. Civil & Structural

Preparation of Preliminary drawings, stress analysis, executable drafts, workshop isometric drafts and 3D drawings are performed in this department. In addition to preparing the drawings of onshore and offshore structures, pipe rack and the related accessories, preparing the material list and technical specifications are also done here. AutoCAD, Sacs, Sap are computer software programs used in this department.

Civil & Structural team use International Standard including: API, AISC, CSA, Eurocode, ASTM, ASCE, IBC seismic, NBCC wind and seismic and Norsok. Our Civil & Structural Engineering Department main filed of activities are as following:

  • Construction Projects:

Construction projects include activities such as design, inspection and reporting both in offshore and onshore fields. Our civil engineers participate in construction process as supervisor in workshops. 

  • Materials:

Design, test and applying materials such as rock, soil, concrete, steel, timber, asphalt, metals and polymers on engineering construction projects.

  • Geotechnical :
    • Analyzing the strength of soils, drill hole stability, stress constraint, permeability of rock formations and the degree of trapped hydrocarbons in underground reservoirs.
    • Analyzing the relationship between physical structures and marine geology, anchoring systems, sediment erosion, slope stability and foundations for offshore and coastal structures.

 Drafting/CADD/3D Modeling and Analysis:

Create conceptual and detailed engineering designs, drawings and calculations for a variety of structures. Include working with following software:

  • Bently Sacs: SACS provides offshore engineers with comprehensive analysis and design capabilities that improve infrastructure operational safety and minimize risk and ensure compliance for a broad range of structures. It is proficient in specialized analyses important to any offshore project, including: non-linear structural analysis; dynamic response analysis due to wind, current, waves, and seismic loads; analysis for impact effects and special high-end analysis for severe accidental loading such as dynamic blast, ship impact, and structural collapse. SACS can model tubular jacket structures, foundations, spars, and topsides, as well as perform detailed fatigue life calculations.
  •  Autodesk AutoCAD: Provides 3D modelings and 2D plans and drawings for detailed structures , Isometric pipeline drawings , Instruments and Equipment.



B. Civil & Structural