Our experienced staffs with their suited machinery and equipment are in charge of putting plans and theories into practice. They are in charge of performing piping, Onshore & Offshore Structures, Electrical, Instrumental and mechanical installations. Our strategies undertake to update and maintain the quality level of performance in this section of Maroon Sazeh Shiraz Company. Majority of our executive staff are well experienced in Oil & Gas industry. They head for qualified work performance and time based execution. Repair and maintenance, both Onshore and Offshore, are also included in this domain. 

Our construction/installation teams have worthwhile experience in onshore/offshore projects. Our yards, equipment, instruments and assets using well experienced foremen, welders, fitters, rigger and workers made a fully professional unit that can handle any project. Also our installation team has a valuable experience in subsea pipeline installation using air/sat diving services.

Construction work is performed in Shiraz workshop as the head center, controlling the temporary-established minor workshops. The minor work shops location depends on the location of the site. Our main workshop supplies and supports our minor workshops up to the end of the projects.

Our test, pre-commissioning and commissioning teams are capable to handle any challenge in pre-commissioning and commissioning phase. This team use most reliable experts in process, hydraulic, piping and instrumentation working on onshore yards and offshore fields based on updated engineering protocols and standards to obtain the quality assurance of our job by client satisfaction.

Construction, Installation and Commissioning teams works under following disciplines:

A. Civil & Structural

Platforms, Structures, Pipe racks and Gratings installation is done here.

B. Mechanical

Installation of pressure vessels, storage tanks and heat exchanges, scrubbers, towers and air coolers within oil and refinery complexes is performed in this department.

C. Piping
Spool and valve installations, Onshore & Offshore, are performed in this section.  Pipeline Services is offered to our clients as a part of this discipline as following items but not limited to them:

Pipeline Precommissioning and Commissioning

Hot Tapping & Line Stopping

Cathodic Protection               

D. Electrical & Instrumental

Installation of instrumental equipment used in refineries, power boxes and cable routing are performed in this department.